In 2003 I surrendered my heart to Jesus. After a few days I was sitting in my Livingroom and happened to look at a blank space on the wall. I thought to myself that would be a great place for a cross. Never have I made a wooden cross before. Shortly after, I went into my shop an started to build a cross. I had been working on it for a couple of days, designing what it should look like, cutting the wood and as I was sanding it down. As I was working on the cross I was asked a question “why was the symbol of the cross chosen, not what it was used for, but why was it chosen?” Just as soon as I was asked this question I saw this image and drew it. This is what it means.

  • God who is above all things
  • Jesus who sits on the right hand of God
  • The Holy Spirit who sits on the other side
  • When you place God first in your life and truly love Him
  • You believe in Jesus
  • And you have faith in the Holy Spirit to lead you
  • Your enemy will always be at your feet.